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Genuinely Human

No superficial assholes allowed.

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Hey! Welcome to Genuinely Human. Before we let you in you must fill out our painfully lengthy application. Please put it behind an LJ Cut and leave the questions in bold. Please don't mess with the HTML too much if you're going to add anything to it. And remember to be creative.

1: Name:
2: Age:
Other(be random):
4:Whats more important and why; Inner Beauty or Outer Beauty?
5:Which do you prefer and why?
B&W Photographs or Color:
Being 'in' or just being:
6:Do friends say you can be superficial?
7: What is the worst lie you've ever told and what was the result of it?
8: Pick two topics and tell us your opinion.
Underage Drinking:
Pre-marital Sex:
Drug Use:
Random (Choose your own):
9: Last but not least. Come up with a thought provoking question that you think ought to be on the application and answer it yourself! If we like it, we'll use it.
10: I lied. This is the last thing you have to do. PROMOTE! Promote us 5 times and give us the links! And before you ask, no you may NOT wait to promote until after you get accepted.

That being said, bear in mind we do have rules. If you break one you will be put on moderated status until the moderators and other members decide what should be done about you.
1: Do not knock other peoples views, interests, religions, whatever. It will not be tolerated.
2: Do not EVER talk about other members in a rude fashion whether it be here or in your own personal livejournal.
3: If you are going to post pictures, they are not to be obscene. (IE. no nudity or offensive language)
4:Do not vote on another persons application unless you've been accepted.
5: Have fun!

In the interest of some of our members already part of
genuinely_human we have already compiled a list of people automatically rejected from our community. We are well aware that this goes against what the community stands for HOWEVER...just trust us on this. We give you:

The Drama Trolls: